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Divorce Lawyer England
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Divorce Lawyer England

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Divorce Lawyer England is designed to detail the services offered by Major Family Law; one of the leading family law practices in the country. If your marriage is in difficulty and you believe you may be facing divorce, it is essential that you seek early advice from a specialist Divorce Lawyer. At a traumatic time, when you are separating or have already separated, it is vital that you get the support you need and the right advice so that you can consider all your available options and take the necessary steps that are right for you. For cohabiting couples, the breakdown of a relationship is equally traumatic, and can be more problematic, particularly when it comes to arrangements for the children and financial settlement.

You want someone you can trust and have confidence in to deal with your concerns sensitively and confidentially as well as effectively and swiftly. It is important to feel that you are not alone and that there is a solution achievable. Whether you’re worried about coping financially, what will happen to your family home, or how you will see your children, we can advise you and assist you to achieve the best possible outcome.

At Major Family Law, we offer a team of specialist lawyers who want to help you reach the right conclusion in the least contentious, most cost effective way. Our team are trained to the highest standard to ensure that your concerns will be dealt with sensitively, confidentially and always with your best interests at heart. To find out more about each of our specialist lawyers, visit http://www.majorfamilylaw.co.uk/our-specialist-lawyers/

Our lawyers will explain to you in clear and simple terms how divorce works and we can guide you through the process as required. In most cases, for the divorce itself, you will not need to go to Court. From Petition through to Decree Absolute, for a brief outline of the process, visit http://www.majorfamilylaw.co.uk/divorce/

When a relationship breaks down, the implications reach beyond simply whether or not to divorce. There can be issues surrounding children and how both parties are going to cope financially. There may even be additional concerns when one party has links to another country outside of England & Wales. Our lawyers can offer you a range of dispute resolution options including mediation, arbitration, and collaborative law, all of which we will explain fully to you and support you through as appropriate. We have a range of costs options available, which we will explain fully so that you can make the right choice for you and ensure you have the expert support that you need to face the future with confidence